VA Online Liquidations
4016 Indian River Rd.
Chesapeake, Va. 23325
VA Online Liquidations
4016 Indian River Rd.
Chesapeake, Va. 23325
VA Online Liquidations
4016 Indian River Rd.
Chesapeake, Va. 23325
Auction Details

VA Online Liquidations
Indian River 7PM 5/3/21 Elysian Place Estate 2nd Phase, Multiple Estates, Grand Surplus, Consignments - Starts to End: Monday, May 3rd 2021 at 7PM EST

Item Description
210.Kenmore Washer, Works
211.Safe Manufacturer National Association Fire Insulated Safe (Combination Available)
212.Griffin Grey L-Shape Sofa R4076, Surfacewear, Needs Cleaning
213.Coronado Accent Chair R4076, Good Condition
214.Bolton-Brown Queen Upholstered Head/Footboard w/Rails R4079
215.Queen Foundation R4078
216.Huey Vineyard Twin Sleigh Head/Footboard w/Rails R4077, Surfacewear
217.Huey Vineyard 6-Drawer Dresser w/Mirror R4077, Surfacewear, Drawers Need to Be Reinforced
218.Granite Dylan Carb Sofa Chaise R4071, Good Condition
219.Granite Dylan Carb Swivel Chair R4071, Good Condition
220.Granite Dylan Carb Ottoman R4071, Good Condition
221.Rolling Coffee Table w/Storage Chest on End, Needs Glass
222.Aluminum Easel
223.Masonite 6-Panel Door (6'7")
224.Medline Walker
225.Huffy Youth Bike
226.Schwinn Youth Bike (Chain is Off)
227.Leather Like Loveseat
228.Leather Like Arm Chair
229.Yakima Bike Rack for Car
230.Box of Assorted Planters & Spray Nozzle
231.IKEA Bed w/Drawers in Boxes
232.2-Wood Doors (24" W X 80.5" L & 30" W X 80.5" L)
233.Gallery Full Size Foundation R4078, New
234.22-Phillips Alto Commercial Grade 40-Watt Overhead Lightbulbs
235.Gun Display Shelf
236.Toddler Lot Including Step Stool & 2-Big Wheels (Missing Pedals)
237.Rubbermaid Cooler on Wheels
238.Rolling Adjustable Table
239.Small Black Desk
240.Plastic Tub w/Hydroponic Tent & Tray (48" X 48")
241.Croquet Set
242.Chair & Small Ottoman
243.Weighted Umbrella Stand
244.Marxim Pewter Nesting End Tables R4075, Good Condition
245.3-Tier Small Shelf Unit/End Table (Approximately 13.5" L X 11.5" W X 23" H)
246.Set of 2-Lamps w/Shades
247.Daisy Rifled Barrell BB Gun
248.Vintage Gold Tone Waltham Ladies Pocket Watch
249.Replica Rolex Watch *Not Working, No Back
250.Sterling Silver Link Necklace 28.3g
251.Sterling Silver Ridged Top, Crystal Bottom-Wine Bottle Holders, Sterling Silver Letter Opener
252.Sterling Silver Ring w/Stone 4.2g
253.Sterling Silver Bracelet 16.5g
254.Sterling Silver Pendant w/Stone 9.1g
255.Sterling Silver Rose Design Bracelet 16.4g
256.Sterling Silver Pendant w/Baltic Amber Stone 8.1g
257.4-Assorted Sterling Silver Charms: MD, Pharaoh, Scuba, FL Map TL All=7.8g
258.3-Designer Bracelets
259.Sterling Silver Italian Design Bracelet 7.4g
260.Sterling Silver Designer Bracelet 14.3g
261.Sterling Silver Designer Pendant 2.8g
262.Apple USB Superdrive
263.Apple Wireless Keyboard, New
264.AR 30 Round Magazine
265.Snake Shot 22, Pellets 36 Total
266.Pellets for 45
267.Winchester 22LR Ammunition
268.Smith Jewelrs Designer Floral Ring
269.RocaWear Belt Buckle & Belt
270.223/556 Stripper Clip Ammunition 10 Rounds
271.Assorted Vinyl Album Lot - Various Artists
272.Assorted Glassware Lot
273.Assorted Guitar Music Books
274.Assorted Toddler Clothing Lot
275.Fans & Miscellaneous Office Supplies
276.Assorted Christmas Lot
277.Toddler Toys, DJ Hero for Wii & More
278.Assorted Shoes, Clothing & Accessories - Various Sizes
279.Assorted Food Storage, Trays, Cutlery Holder, Plates & More
280.Candle Holders, Crock Pot. Bakeware, Heating Elements For Stove & More
281.Assorted Scrap Material
282.Assorted Electronics Lot
283.Games, Candle Holders, Bowls, Quaker Oats Container, Pitchers & Other Misc. Items
284.Assorted Electronics Lot
285.Netgear N300 WIreless Router & Misc. PC Games
286.Assorted Scrap Material
287.Assorted Ladies Clothing - Various Sizes
288.Assorted Bakeware & Cooling Racks
289.Assorted Glassware, Kitchenware, Candles, Juicer & More
290.Assorted Wall Decor, Clock, Decorative Plates & More
291.Ginny's Fryer, Baking Pans & Bowls
292.Pots, Plastic Food Storage, Colander, Humidifier & More
293.Assorted L/S Shirts (L-2XL), Plush Tide Car & Shot Glass
294.Vintage Ads, Norman Rockwell Prints & Painted Rocks
295.Commercial Keurig Coffee Machine
296.Ashley Summers Queen Size Comforter
297.Timex Dome Clock
298.Lighted Christmas Tree, Works
299.2-Pack LED Color Changing Low Profile Flush Mount Lights
300.Sanus Accents Full Motion TV Wall Mount (13" - 30" TVs), Appears Unused
301.Keurig Machine & Parts
302.Assorted Spirits Lot
303.Planter Pot w/ Faux Leaves
304.Mortar & Pestle Set
305.Vintage Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit
306.Melissa & Doug Car Carrier & Cars2 Puzzle (Both Appear New)
307.PS4 Game & Assorted DVD's
308.Assorted Pokemon Trading Cards
309.3-Atlas Mason Jars
310.Vintage Wire Closure 1-Qt. Large Blue/Green Ball Mason Jar (Circa 1923-33)
311.2-Blue/Green Ball Mason Jars (1 Qt., Circa 1923-33)
312.4-1 Qt. Ball Mason Jars
313.2-Qt. Blue/Green Mason Jars
314.Commercial Keurig Coffee Machine
315.MAC Tools Electronic Ignition Test Equipment
316.Shop Mate Double Insulated 3/8" Drill
317.Dept. 56 "Beard Barber Shop"
318.Sears Vintage Paint Sprayer
319.Unmarked Glass Cannister w/Lid
320.Adidas Sneakers (6)
321.Men's Rockport Casual Shoes (9.5)
322.MAC Tools TL84 Heavy-Duty Clamp-On Timing Light
323.Assorted Children's Book Lot
324.Square D Company Disconnect Safety Switch
325.Adidas Backpack
326.Golf Balls, Belts, Clippers & More
327.Women's Tankini Bathing Suits (14-16)
328.Punch Bowl w/Cups & Ladle
329.Horse Shoe Lot
330.Camera, Headphones & Storage Containers
331.Assorted Die Cast Car Lot
332.Assorted Ladies Clothing Lot - Various Sizes
333.Assorted Men's Clothing Lot (L-XL)
334.Assorted Children's Book Lot
335.Miscellaneous Kitchenware Lot
336.Assorted Ladies Clothing - Various Sizes
337.Assorted Book Lot
338.Assorted Electrical Supplies & Bric-a-Brac
339.Candle Holders, Wine Glasses, Knicknacks & More
340.Assorted Royal Harmony & Royal Adderly Pieces, Cake Plate & Misc. Glassware
341.Assorted Glassware Lot
342.Assorted Knicknacks, Mugs, Frames & Misc. Items
343.Party Supply Lot
344.Marbles, Military Challenge Coins, Misc. Documents
345.Assorted Glassware Lot
346.HDX Sprayer, Buckets, Assorted Fittings, Greeting Cards, Books & More
347.Assorted Cables & Misc. Supplies
348.Horseshoes, Jack, Misc. Tools & More
349.Golf Balls, Household Chemicals, Light, Cord Reel & More
350.Burgess Bug Killer, Jack, Pipe Fittings & More
351.Assorted Vintage Finds
352.Assorted School Supplies Lot
353.Wheels, Rope, Storage Compartment w/Contents, Lock Hardware & More
354.Assorted Wood Pieces & Pampered Chef Spring Form Pan Set (New)
355.Painting Supplies, Fittings, Bric-a-Brac & More
356.Assorted Fitness & Sports Supplies Lot
357.Rose Dust, Electrical Supplies & Bric-a-Brac
358.Foam Letters & Mega Bloks
359.Paint Supplies. Miscellaneous Tools, DVD Player, Faucet & More
360.Assorted Vases, DVD's, Games, Decor & More
361.2-Umbrella Strollers & Toddler Toys
362.Mirror & Dry Erase Board (18" X 24")
363.WWII Scrapbook w/Pictures & Newspaper Clippings
364.1877 Alfred Tennyson Poems
365.Wizard of Oz/The Jungle Book
366.Marshall Pottery #2 Crock (Has Crack on Bottom)
367.Assorted Golf Novelties Lot
368.Assorted Wall Decor, Platter, Bowl & Large Figurines (Lady Needs to Be Mended)
369.Assorted Toiletries, Iron, Camera, Hello Kitty Clock & More
370.Bissell Pet Stain Eraser
371.Large Framed Sailing Print
372.Paint Brushes, Clamps, Awning Hooks & Misc. Bric-a-Brac
373.Assorted Etched & Gold Rimmed Stemware
374.Nuts, Bolts, Sand Paper & Misc. Bric-a-Brac
375.2-Guitar Hero Guitars & GI Joe Trading Cards
376.Tool Belts
377.Glass Bowls, Trays & Mugs
378.Framed Print of Steamship United States
379.3-Fishing Rods
380.300 PSi Parker 7093 GST Hose
381.6-Akro Storage Bins
382.Hyperlink Tech Weather Box Enclosure
383.5-Boxes Of Stronghold Moulding & Trim Nails
384.Commercial Keurig Coffee Machine
385.Storage Caddy w/Contents
386.Long Extension Cord
387.1-Silver Desk Lamp
388.Assorted Fittings, Door Knobs, Bric-a-Brac & More
389.Assorted Electrical Supplies & Bric-a-Brac
390.Assorted VHS Movies & Toys
391.Porcelain Dolls, Dartboard Hanging, Island Girls Calendars & Cardboard Coin Cases
392.Assorted Electrical Supplies & Bric-a-Brac
393.3-Down Light Vanity Light
394.Crock Pot & George Foreman Grill
395.Banzai Speed Blast Racing Slide
396.Mosquito UV Trap
397.Lighthouse Cannisters & Decoration
398.Large Brass Lamp
399.Assorted Glassware Including Corningware & Vintage Pyrex
400.Assorted Pool Inflatables & Little Swimmers (4)
401.Cranberry Window Panels
402.Commercial Keurig Coffee Machine
403.e-Pill Dispenser
404.Large Silver Glass Table Lamp w/Shade
405.Glass Sphere Light
406.Girl w/Pegasus Figurine (Wings are Broken)
407.Wicker Accent Light
408.Brittany Glassware (Unknown if Set is Complete)
409.Assorted Men's Clothing & Flip Flops (9/10)
410.Assorted Electrical Supplies & Bric-a-Brac
411.Assorted Electrical Supplies, Bric-a-Brac & Drill Bits
412.Chinese Checkers Game, Snow Globes (Missing Water), Coffee Carafe & Misc. Items
413.Assorted School Supplies & Toys
414.Assorted Cords, Speakers & Misc. Adapters
415.Assorted Action Figures Lot
416.Miscellaneous Dog Supplies
417.Brooks Mfg. Division Cable Stretcher
418.Iron, USB Cables, & Misc. Electronics Supplies
419.Assorted Ladies HandBags
420.Bird Feeder , Whisk Broom, Metal Boxes & More
421.Gloves, Mechanic's Stethoscope, Tin Snips & More
422.Baskets, Roly Kit, Light Fixture & Decor
423.Craftsman 1/3 HP Grinder
424.Dual Rate Battery Charger
425.Nike Air (7.5)
426.Wilson Antenna
427.Rain Boots (9)
428.Assorted Glass Flowers, Vase & Mary Figurine
429.Underwood Electric 565 Typewriter
430.3-First Edition Novels
431.4-Miniature Oil Lamps
432.Pendelfin Figurines & Misc. Items
433.Spectra Breast Pump w/Accessories
434.Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor (Appears Unused)
435.Candle Holder & 2-Clocks
436.Nike Sneakers (13)
437.Lucky You Fragrant Set by Lucky Brand, Make-up Bag & Rose Pen - All New
438.Tool Box w/Contents
439.Wood Salad Bowl Set
440.Vintage Royal Crown Bottle
441.Coca Cola Lot
442.Miracle Ear Hearing Aid
443.Coca Cola Christmas Bottles
444.Coca Cola Lot
445.Men's Vans (10)
446.Assorted Scrap Material
447.Small Dog Accessories
448.San Francisco Music Box "Sew Purfect" & Zingle Berry Figurine
449.Jack & Chris Messenger Bag
450.Taylor Temperature Wall Hanging
451.Vintage Stanley Level
452.Vintage Book Lot Including Admiral of the Sea, Lindbergh (1927), Favorite Poems & More
453.Assorted Shoe Lot - Various Sizes
454.R/C Accessories Lot
455.Large Horsehoes
456.Glass Watering Can & 3-Decorative Plates
457.Tie Downs & Harley Davidson Speedometer
458.Wine Holder
460.RCA & Samsung DVD PLayers
461.3-Table Lamps
462.Spools of Assorted Wire Cables
463.Electrical Supplies/Multimeters Lot
464.Commercial Keurig Coffee Machine
465.Ed Hardy Perfume Set, Make-Up Bag, Rose Pen - All New
466.WORX Weed Whacker
467.WORX Weed Whacker
468.Small 3-Shelf Country Cabinet
469.Small Storage Ottoman
470.Simplicity & Oreck Vacuums
471.Baby Moov Tent & Britax Car Seat
472.Plastic Crate w/ Bag
473.Sea Striker Tournament Series Fishing Rod
474.Large Gold Toned Mirror
475.Large Framed Picture
476.3-Pole Extensions & 1-Scraper
477.Dirt Devil Power Express Vacuum
478.OKP Stick Vacuum
479.Black & Decker 18V Weed Whacker
480.Mop Bucket & Black & Decker Vacuum
481.Vintage Gold Jewelry (Marked 1/20 14 KT)
482.Winchester 40 S&W Ammunition 50 Rounds
483.1934 Packard Victoria Pocket Knife
484.Collectible Pocket Knife "Polar Bear"
485.Garst Pocket Knife
486.George W Still Teh President Pocket Knife
487.Bass Design Pocket Knife
488.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
489.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
490.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
491.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
492.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
493.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
494.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
495.Box of CD's Various Artists Approximately 200
496.Toro SuperBlower Vac
497.Bird Feeder, Nail Gun, Drain Cleaning Tools & More
498.Plastic Crate w/Contents Including Drill Bits, Hinges,Tools & Other Misc.Items
499.Bike Rack For Vehicle
500.Chicago 10" Polisher/Waxer
501.Miscellaneous Contents From Shed

VA Online Liquidations
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